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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Digital Spring Cleaning

It's the time of year to think about new beginnings - if you're a teacher. Finally, you get a chance to visit the gym, walk around the park with your dog, visit a book store, see a movie, or deep clean your house. Well, if such things are on your mind, you might want to look at your digital life and give that a good cleaning too. 

This week's blog entry takes a departure from my usual TCEA digital re-posting and goes to, one of my favorite websites, and discusses the intersection of your digital housekeeping and your digital security. It discusses such things as 
  • wiping data from your old digital devices before discarding
  • finding, wiping, and discarding old pen drives, CDs, and DVDs you no longer use
  • cleaning up your current devices that may have old documents on them with personal data
  • going through social media, email, and cloud data
  • deleting unused apps on your tablet or phone (they collect data about you)
  • deleting old photos on your devices
You may read the article here.

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