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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The 3 R's of Girl Students and STEM

This week's TCEA Technotes blog has an anonymous contribution about encouraging more girl students to study STEM. The article offers up statistics on the 2 percent worldwide advantage that boys have over girls in math, and shows that this advantage gets erased when girls have positive female role models in math and science. it also notes that there is a 35 percent premium in salaries for STEM jobs, and that this is where much of the new job growth will be. 

If our mission as educators is to prep our students for the future, then we need to be looking at STEM, for girls as well as boys. 

The article goes on to mention three things that can be addressed in getting more girls involved with STEM:

  1. Reassurance - tell your girls that they are just as capable as boys
  2. Role Models - promote female tech leaders and innovators in class
  3. Reduce Stereotype bias - take the Harvard Implicit Bias Test
You may read the original article here

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