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Monday, August 13, 2018

The Five E's plus T

Miguel Guhlin at TCEA has expanded upon the ISTE 5E concept for teaching by adding a technology component. Each stage of the 5E model (Engage- Explore - Explain - Extend - Evaluate) now has a list of appropriate technology topics and apps. 

Miguel visited us at TIA this year and talked about the model. He was enthusiastic about it, and talked of Minecraft as perhaps the best platform to engage young students. The newest education version of Minecraft is particularly well-suited to creating virtual worlds on lots of different topics, giving the students control over navigating to different topics in a VR landscape. Could immersive 3D be far behind?

Minecraft aside (we'll explore that in a later blog entry), the model is quite detailed, and TEKS-aligned. It is worthwhile reading for any modern teacher.

Please go to this article to read more about 5E+T.

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