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Monday, June 18, 2018

Choice Boards for Students

Anything you learn really well in life will be something that you could map onto other fields of knowledge. All you have to do is use your imagination.

What if we front-loaded that concept? Get kids to map their newly-learned knowledge into other realms? Modern students are allowed to display their competence in more ways than one - it's just no longer necessary for the student to sit stock-still at a desk, writing symbols onto paper. The student could make a video, do a presentation with a chart, make a 3-d project, as well as more traditional things like writing papers or taking a test.

Miguel Guhlin's blog posting today is all about Choice Boards. The word "Board" implies two dimensions, but that doesn't have to be - a choice board could be a series of boxes from which students could take out an assignment of many kinds - write a song, or a poem; map a concept onto a city map. Who knows - you could make a choice board four-dimensional, by mapping it onto a calendar! The idea though, is simultaneous choice.

Please read Miguel's blog entry for more information.

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