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Monday, May 14, 2018

A Task for Dinosaurs: Getting Your Digital-Age Kids Organized

All of us with children nowadays probably feel like dinosaurs who have birds for children. The kids spend all their time soaring around in the Internet, ignoring books, newspapers, calendars, or attempts at conversation. Our children are living in a new medium, and it seems that they are abandoning some hard-earned virtues from our generation, like having an attention span, or learning to read critically without looking up someone else's opinion via Google. They can't even sit still for five minutes without a Pandora song, a Youtube video, or an Instagram post to occupy their fleeting attention.

Given that our schools do expect them to have 20th-century virtues, how do we help our children cope?

The TCEA Technotes Blog has a good article on helping your students to focus on their homework assignments. It has some pretty good tips, including:

  • setting up an online assignment calendar that the family has access to
  • taking out five minutes before homework to review what they need to do
  • being aware that the Internet is not just a search-and-plagiarize tool

You may view the TCEA blog entry here.

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