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Monday, May 7, 2018

5G Technology and Education

5G is one of the latest buzzwords going around. In case you didn't know, it's not five times the force of gravity, but rather, a new wireless standard that promises to boost network speeds up to ten times faster. That changes the game, eventually, for everybody, including the world of education. Imagine every Gifted and Talented class, every high school Physics class, every robotics competition, every virtual or augmented reality project, now having ten times the digital throughput from some server at Amazon Web Services, or some AI at Google, or a startup at Silicon Valley.

The only limit here is the imagination of the teacher or student who wishes to put this to work. The TCEA Technotes blog has an entry on 5G and education, and while they admit that they can't imagine all the possible applications for this technology, they take a pretty good stab at it.

This is really the stuff of science fiction, because young people will be able to take on engineering projects, right out the gate, of sophisticated technology that will combine their efforts in unimagineable ways. This will change the level of their talents, and of their ambitions, in the future.

Please go here for the TCEA Tech Blog article.

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