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Friday, April 27, 2018

Serious as a - ?

 Cyber-security is almost as important as your own heartbeat. We don't worry so much about heart attacks, but we should be worried about cyber attacks. The bad guys are winning this battle, people, so listen up! Your computer gets attacked eight times each second. We need a digital stethoscope here! The following 11 videos will do much to enlighten you about the threats to your computer:
  1. Your Role in Fighting Cybercrime
  2. Innovation in Risk and Cyber-security
  3. Why Most Cyber-security Training Fails
  4. Ransomware: How to Stay Ahead of the Game
  5. Social Engineering in Cyber-security
  6. The Role of Intelligence in a Post-Truth World
  7. A Conversation with Lisa Monaco
  8. 3 Threats That Should Be Keeping You Awake At Night
  9. Where is Cyber-crime Really Coming From?
  10. The Future of Cyber-security
  11. How to Stop Cyber-security Awareness Going Wrong

Each of these headings goes straight to the respective video, or, you can click here for an article that references all eleven videos.

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