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Monday, December 18, 2017

Hour of Code

During the week of December 4-6, 2017 students in Denton ISD participated in #HourofCode.   

Coding activities can be unplugged, use web-based programs such as, or robots.  

One of  Atkins kids' favorite things was Human Coding. Here, one student had to give instructions for another student to follow.  Much laughter was heard when the “coder” made a mistake and the “robot” went off the path.   

In another example, students created backpack tags or necklaces using binary code and colored beads to code their names. 

Students also used, Scratch or Tynker.  The picture above shows students at McNair Elementary using Dash robots to help Santa find his missing cookies.  Crownover Middle School students were learning to use a Makey Makey while other schools were coding Spheros.  Bell Elementary students used Codapillers and Wilson Elementary used BeeBots.

While we celebrate #HourofCode in December, it isn’t the only time we teach students about coding. Coding tied to lessons could use robots, involve human coding, or may require students to review material covered in class by moving a robot to the correct answer.  As students move through the grades, they may be creating something with a 3D printer, building computers with Raspberry Pi’s, or participating in First Lego League robotic competitions.  There are many different ways to learn coding and all build upon the knowledge students will need in the workforce.  Coding is an important skill for businesses today, and our goal is for students to be prepared and ready to enrich their lives, create their own projects, or pursue their STEM careers. 

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