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Tuesday, December 12, 2017


In this second of a series of blog entries devoted to teaching programming with Chrome apps, the newest discovery is called Coding with Chrome.

For beginners, there are:
  • Blockly - allows your students to drag and drop blocks of code into a window
  • Games - again, drag & drop code blocks to make games
  • Robots - control real or on-screen robots with Blockly
For more advanced users, there are:
  • Simple - a great way to learn Javascript by tweaking parameters in running programs
  • Games - create games with the Phaser framework
  • Programming - build software with text-based programming languages including Python
  • Markup -  build websites with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Robots - program two kinds of robots with Javascript
  • 3D - create animated 3D objects with Javascript
The reader is encouraged to load this app into the Chrome browser and play with the various programming alternatives. Play is the operative word here. A word of caution: leave the original examples unchanged, and save your work.

And, this wonderful package is from Google! Just go to the Chrome Play Store to install the app.

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