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Monday, November 6, 2017

ISTE Digital Citizenship Standards for Teachers and Students

ISTE Standards Poster (download)
Recently we had Digital Citizenship week. ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education, has a great deal of resources available for any teacher interested in helping his or her students to be the best digital citizens they can be. 

Digital Citizenship allows students to view information they glean from the Internet in a critical sense, which is no small virtue in this age of fake news. It goes without saying that the Internet is the air our students breathe, and their mediated social connections are deeply taken for granted. Not teaching our students to use the Internet properly would be like giving them a sharp knife and not training them how to use it. 

Our students will be independent adults soon, and, as they will grow up with the Internet as a minute-by-minute part of their lives, the quality of their use will impact their families, and the society around them.

Previous generations thought it best to instill character into their students, which would give them a collection of virtues that would improve the world around them. Perhaps Digital Citizenship could be thought of as Digital Character.

Signing up to ISTE is free, and once you do, there are downloadable files available that will not just give you standards for your students, but for you and your fellow educators as well. 

You can view the ISTE Standards for Students here. Click on the Digital Citizen link, and then click View Indicators to the right, for more information. 

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