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Monday, November 27, 2017

BYOD Tools for the Classroom

BYOD (Bring your own device) has become more than a policy adopted by school districts. Now it is a many-layered thing, a digital smorgasbord, or perhaps a daunting challenge for teachers who are already too busy to be able to do the research. Are the apps available on all devices? Do they work on all browsers? Are they free, or do they require a paid subscription? Are they simple to use?

Dr. Bruce Ellis from TCEA has provided us with a list of apps for student to use on their BYOD devices. They work for smartphones, laptops, tablets, and chromebooks. Some work for iOS, and some for Android. Most of the following apps work for both, so teachers can have their students load these apps on whatever device they may bring to the classroom. 
  • OverDrive - audiobooks from different libraries
  • PicCollage - editing of pictures & text
  • Office Lens - for those who like to take a snapshot of the smartboard or chalkboard
  • Adobe Spark Video - simple video capture app
  • Pushbullet - push files and photos to or from a laptop or desktop
  • Flipgrid - students can share summaries of their learning with others, with video & audio
Please click on this link to view the article.

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