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Monday, May 22, 2017

Part 4 in our Paperless Series: Classroom Games and Activities to Make Reviews Engaging and Fun

This fourth installment of our Paperless series was contributed by Kimberly Fritch.

After teaching for 18 years, going paperless was a big change for me! But once I committed to paperless, I never looked back. As with many journeys, there was a lot of trial and error. But I have found many things to keep in my toolbox to use with my classes to make reviews engaging, fun and powerful.

 My pre-paperless style was to give a worksheet listing all of the items students needed to know for the test. I had them fill it out and then I would check their answers. As I am typing this, I cringe at the thought of ever doing that again. 

Quizlet Live:   With Quizlet Live, I load up my review and the Quizlet Live turns it into a team game. I was surprised at how much fun my students had while playing and now they ask for Quizlet Live games.

Setting this up for my classes was easy and quick. My discovery: Competition Breeds Motivation!

Feedback from students:

“My favorite was Quizlet because it was competitive and real fun to play.”

“My favorite activity was playing Quizlet Live. It was really fun and competitive. I hate studying and playing - that helped me study without actually feeling like I was doing work.”

Nowadays, I not only use Quizlet Live for unit assessment reviews, but also as a lesson closure.

Act It Out! is an app that works on Android, Apple, and Sony PS4.
I break my class up into groups, assign them a topic, and have them do a performance for the class. This is effective because it has students using all four domains - listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The class would give a review as they watched the different performances.

Act It Out! is a quick, fun way to review several different topics. Next year I will have them videotape their topics using a green screen in our library.

The feedback received for the “Act it Outs” was overwhelmingly positive. Here's one:
“Act it out was my favorite because the different groups were funny
and it helped the material stick!”
Google My Maps lets you annotate maps. I had my students create a road trip across a region and they had to make 10 different stops. At each stop they pin information about where they were and why they would want to see this place. So many choices! They picked a car, a friend to join them, and created a song playlist. They truly enjoyed sharing their favorite songs as well as learning about different places in a region. More importantly, they mastered their learning targets or standards and many even said they were excited about experiencing an actual road trip when they came of age to do so.   

As I add different activities to my lessons on my journey to paperless, I am amazed at how much my students are learning while having fun and being creative.

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Contributor:  Kimberly Fritch

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