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Friday, April 7, 2017

Paperless! - Not a four letter word by Erika Lowery

Paperless! - Not a four letter word by Erika Lowery

 Paperless. The word is a noun and a verb that can make people smile or cringe. To those who find it a cringe-worthy term, no fears. Paperless does not have to mean 100% totally and completely paper-free. What bureaucracy could ever claim to be able to do that?!  Paper is a tool just as Chromebooks are. Sometimes you need it sometimes you don’t.

Paperless as a tool in the classroom can create a system of efficiency and of course- a clean desk. The use of email, google classroom, and approved apps allow for seamless communication of expectations and instant feedback to students and parents. They can also be helpful for practice schedules, game times, and equipment check in. Clip boards are useful and can be decorated to express one’s personality but not carrying one can be liberating also.

In the classroom, paperless, as mentioned previously, does not have to be an all or nothing venture. Homework, assessments, and engagement are all topics that this series ‘Paperless”  will address in the next 6 weeks as well as in time, anytime, anywhere learning and access

Join us each week as write about a different classroom structure and how to create a framework for paperless.

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