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Monday, March 6, 2017

Backing Up Your Data!

Our stalwart Denton ISD Help Desk in action.

According to our Customer Service Manager, Susan Cheatham, we each have the responsibility to protect and preserve our own data on our computers and other digitial devices. If your computer is going to be re-imaged, please have EVERYTHING backed up, including your browser bookmarks. Please read below for more information on this important task.

How to back up your Computer Files.

How to back up your Outlook email.

How to back up your Chromebook:


How to back up your iPad.

How to back up your Firefox bookmarks

How to back up your Internet Explorer bookmarks.

How to back up your Safari browser bookmarks.

How to back  up your Special Application data (e.g. Quickbooks):

     There are too many specific procedures to list here, as each program will have  different possibilities for online- and offline-backup procedures. Either go to the Help menu, or get into Google and search out the best procedure for you. Keep your install disks, and your licensing information handy! In some cases, you will have to un-register your software before re-imaging your computer. Call the company first!


If you have any questions about backing up your data please send in a Heat ticket and your ITS or HST will answer your questions.

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