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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

History of TIA: A Brief History of TIA part 1

Carolyn Thomson, our chief organizer of TIA from 2010 through 2013, has fond memories of our regional training event at Denton ISD.

Carolyn got her start as a teacher at Keller ISD, where she taught for twelve years. Then in 1996 she joined Hodge Elementary, under principal Vicki Sargent, as campus instructional technology specialist. From there she went on to WS Ryan Elementary, while finishing her Master’s in Computer Education & Cognitive Systems. Finally, she joined the Instructional Technology Department as Webmaster and District Trainer in 2006. There she joined Leslie Taylor in rolling out training classes to teachers, staff, and administrators in various software classes.

Soon, the one-on-one training became cumbersome, and Carolyn and Leslie began to look for a more efficient way to train DISD employees in all the varied software programs they would have to master while doing their many different jobs. Particularly, they wanted to help teachers deal with using technology to become better at teaching in a digital age.

TIA arose as that bigger vision for training. The Technology Integration Academy, as the abbreviation first went, became a larger-scale, multi-day event for teachers and admins. Carolyn was the chief organizer of the event. TIA became the place where our professional and para-professional staff could learn and grow as a community.

TIA 2010 was the beginning. Funding was secured from the Denton Public School Foundation, and from local businesses and Denton ISD adopters, such as Pizza Inn, El Guapo’s and Prairie House. August 3, 4, and 5th were the days chosen: two days were allotted for teachers and staff, with a third day for principals and administrators. The Advanced Technology Complex on Long Road was chosen for the event. Keynote speakers were featured each day. Meals were provided for all, and door prizes were handed out at the end of each day.

TIA 2010 was a big success, but Carolyn & Leslie were now setting their sights on making TIA 2011 a bigger, better, more regional event.

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