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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Web Design Competition

At Denton High, Cody Siegfried (described by Jesse Woolery as “one of the best students we have here!”) is coordinating a group of web designers to compete in the Workplace Skills Assessment Program hosted by the Business Professionals of America. “Our team is working with a team at Ryan High - we want to make both teams a joint team, and we meet at the Lecture Lab here after school once a week,” Cody said. The goal is to put their heads together and see what they can improve on their website and figure out what questions the competition judges might be asking, e.g. color in the design process, copyright to photos, etc.

Both DHS and RHS teams are on one web design account. They are using Google Mybusiness to get the project on Google, and using WIX and Zoho to build the pages. “We’ve got sponsors to pay for the expenses of our project - the Pinell Advisory Group and Cox Photography.“

The students stay in touch during the week by texting, and by editing each other’s work.

“We went to Regional and now we’re going to State, and if we win that we go to Disney World to compete for Nationals. Also, there’s a nonprofit we set up and if we get permission we’ll show it off there. “

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