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Monday, November 7, 2016

We’re STEAMing it up in the Adkins Library Learning Commons!! by Guest Blogger Melisa O'Rear

Yes, we are creating lots of STEAM in our Library Learning Commons this year as we invite our students and their families to participate in our monthly STEAM book challenges. Each month we highlight a picture book and a related challenge that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Students submit their creations and we test them. To date, we have made airplanes and leaf boats. Future challenges include designing and creating a snowball catapult, edible car, kite, and a parachute for Jack to escape the Giant!
In addition to our school-wide book challenges, we are offering Brown Bag STEAM challenges in our Makerspace that include the use of Legos and seasonal items like pumpkins, candy corn, and toothpicks!

This year our annual Family Literacy Night event will be a Fairytale STEAM night, full of favorite fairy tales and STEAM challenges. Can you create a zip-line to help LIttle Red Riding Hood avoid the wolf on her way to grandmother’s house?

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Many thanks to our librarian colleague and friend, Tina Berumen of Coppell ISD for sharing her STEAM ideas.

Guest Blogger: Melisa O'Rear

Melisa O'Rear is teacher-librarian at Adkins Elementary. Technology, Makerspaces, and connecting students with books are some of her passions. She also enjoys collaborating with classroom teachers, supporting them with resources, and helping them with the integration of technology in their lessons.

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