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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

iSchool Iniative

iSchool Campers at BMMS
(Photo by Ernie Stripling)
This summer, in Shady Shores, Texas, thirty-six students from ten Denton ISD schools participated in the iSchool Initiative. This series of workshops, hosted at Bettye Myers Middle School, provided students with a five-day intensive training that emphasized technology, public speaking, teamwork and leadership.   Students presented on projects that ranged from community involvement to healthy eating choices for students.
“My time at iSchool was beneficial and enjoyable at the same time, the instructors were amazing and helpful. The tools and strategies I learned made me feel more confident and sparked innovation inside of me. During the camp I became more aware of how to present in front of an audience and how to make a presentation straightforward and exciting. I noticed how much my public speaking improved over the three days along with other things I have struggled with throughout my life. I was taught how to be a leader, speaker and innovator. iSchool is an experience one will use forever.”
Kenedy Sanchez, DHS student

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